Wealden Works
Community Benefits

Community Benefits

Is there a Community Liaison Panel and how does it operate?

We have a Local Liaison Group, called the Wealden Works Community Liaison Group to provide an open forum with local residents through which the community can ask questions and raise issues about the operation of the Recycling and Transfer Facility at the former Wealden Brickworks site. This group meets quarterly and is formally constituted with eight local resident representatives sitting on the group along with representative from the local parish councils, Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council.

If you require further information, or are interested in getting involved, please email info@britaniacrestrecycling.co.uk or telephone 01293 820021 to receive further information.

The key aim of the community liaison group is to act as a link between Britaniacrest Recycling Ltd and the community and will continue so long as Britaniacrest Recycling uses the site and the members wish the Group to continue.

The purpose of the Group is to provide an open forum for discussion between Britaniacrest Recycling, local residents and other parties with an interest or role in the proposed facility at the Former Wealden Brickworks.

Through the Group, representatives of the local community can raise issues with Britaniacrest Recycling relating to the planning, construction and operation of its facility.

In turn, Britaniacrest provides the Group with regular updates on the planning, construction and operation of the facility.

The Group does not have any enforcement or decision-making role and does not form part of the formal planning or consultation processes. Minutes for these meetings and VMR and TR can viewed by clicking here.