Wealden Works
Site selection and facility design

Site selection and facility design

Why was the Wealden Works site chosen?
The site was originally chosen by West Sussex County Council and the district councils as a site suitable for energy from waste and included it in the Waste Local Plan, which is a document that describes the strategic plans for waste in the County.  There are only a limited number of sites “allocated” within the Plan, and the only one available to Britaniacrest is that of the former Wealden Brickworks.

The proposed site for the 3Rs facility is currently being used by Britaniacrest Recycling for the receipt, sorting and transfer of commercial and industrial wastes.  It has also active as a sub-depot for Horsham District Council for its recycling vehicles.  Much of the sorting operation is carried out in the open air and the new 3Rs Facility will bring all of that indoors.

Britaniacrest Recycling and its partner, Seneca, have now been awarded a 5-year contract by West Sussex County Council to dispose of refuse derived fuel from the adjacent Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plant and this site is being used to facilitate this. The fuel produced by the MBT facility is being exported to Germany where it is used to produce electricity.  The proposed 3Rs plant will be a similar facility to those in Germany; but it will instead produce energy which will then power UK homes and businesses.

How big will the plant be?
During the design phase of the project we have listened to feedback from local residents and other statutory bodies.  This has resulted in a re-engineering to reduce the height of the plant to lessen the overall visual impact of the proposal. The height of the plant is, however, dictated by the processes going on within it, so there is a limit to which it can be reduced.

The new design for the plant has resulted in the height being reduced from 48.75 metres to less than 38 metres.  This means the 3Rs facility will be one of the lowest EfW plants in the UK.

Will the 3Rs facility supply heat or steam to business and residential off-takers?

The plant will have the capability to produce both hot water and steam.  At present, however, there is no pipe network to allow that hot water or steam to be distributed to other sites.  Britaniacrest will welcome the opportunity to explore the possibility of supplying water and steam to local schools, businesses and even homes - particularly to the new development north of Horsham.